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Being diagnosed with social anxiety was one of the most empowering moments of my life, because it explained so much about me, the way I experienced the world and the sense of ‘difference’ I had always felt growing up.

Writing has always helped me process my thoughts and feelings, so in this blog, I write about the everyday reality of living with social anxiety to help me make sense of my experience. From how to cope with anxiety at work and strategies to help ease the physical effects of long-term anxiety, I also share the coping strategies I’ve learned, and wellness-boosting resources that have helped me along the way.

I don’t have all the answers, and everyone experiences anxiety differently, but I hope that my words may help others going through a similar journey to realise they’re not alone.

Me in London looking out a window at the city.

Having a mental health condition can feel so isolating. I know that I, for one, wish I could have stumbled across this type of information before I was first diagnosed. If I can help just one other person realise they’re not the only one thinking particular thoughts by sharing my own experience, it will be worth it.

I’m more than my anxiety, though

While at times it feels like my social anxiety is inextricably linked to who I am and colours my every thought and action, I also use this space to write about my other interests and passions.

A bit more about me

I’m a degree-qualified editor working in the content marketing industry, who is passionate about literature and literacy, equality for all, animal rights and digital media. I enjoy coffee, good wine, good food, travel, cuddling cute animals, and am the mother of a very naughty chocolate Labrador named Bailey.

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Let’s learn from each other!

Do you have a mental health condition, or do you know someone who does? I’d love to learn from you, too, and find out more about your own journey. We can learn so much from each other and our individual experiences. So stick around, share your thoughts on my posts, and feel free to get in touch!


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