Ultimate checklist: how to cope with stress and anxiety

When you experience stress and anxiety, these emotions can be so intense and all-absorbing that it’s hard to get past them. Whenever you start to feel the tension build up when you’re under pressure, tick off the items in this checklist to help you remain calm. Here’s my ultimate checklist of ways to cope with

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5 strategies I use to manage social anxiety at work

Having to cope with social anxiety in the workplace can feel awful, and my natural reaction has always been to try and avoid them. Obviously, this isn’t always possible when you’re in the workforce, and if you’ve ever done any therapy work for your anxiety, you’ll know avoidance is a big no-no. The reality is that all jobs are likely to include some activities that make you feel uncomfortable, so it’s important to find and practice strategies that will help you manage your anxieties so you can get through the day. These are 5 strategies that have helped me.